jeudi 31 janvier 2013

bourses et poste à DCU, Dublin

Le centre for next generation localisation, associé à Dublin City University, ouvre 15 postes de recherche (bourses de thèse, bourses post-doctorales, assistant de recherche) dans les domaine de la traduction automatique, recherche d'information, extraction d'information, parsing. Date limite 15 février.

At the Centre for Next Generation Localisation (CNGL, at
Dublin City University (DCU), Ireland, we are recruiting 11 PhDs, 3
Post-Doctoral Researchers and 1 Research Programmer (1 position).


CNGL is a 50M+ Academia-Industry partnership, funded jointly by
Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and our industry partners, and is
entering its second cycle of funding. CNGL is looking to fill multiple
posts associated with its second phase which will focus on expansion
of our work into the challenging areas of social text sources and
multimedia content.

CNGL is an active collaboration between researchers at Dublin City
University (DCU), Trinity College Dublin (TCD), University College
Dublin (UCD), University of Limerick (UL), as well as 10 industrial
partners, including SMEs, Microsoft, Symantec, Intel, DNP, and

CNGL comprises over 100 researchers across the various institutions
developing novel technologies addressing key challenges in the global
digital content and services supply chain. CNGL is involved in a large
number of European FP7 projects, as well as commercial projects in the
areas of language technologies, information retrieval and digital
content management. CNGL provides a world class collaborative research
infrastructure, including excellent computing facilities, and
administrative, management and fully integrated and dedicated on-site
commercialisation support.

The successful candidates will become part of the research team based
at DCU, joining two leading academic MT/NLP/IR and Translation
research groups (, The teams
location at DCU, minutes from Dublin city centre, offers a highly
conducive environment for research, collaboration and innovation with
a wealth of amenities on campus.

DCU is ranked in the TOP 50 of young universities worldwide (under 50
years old) (QS Ranking) and in the TOP 100 under the Times Higher
Education (under 50 years) ranking scheme.

The research is supervised by Dr. Jennifer Foster, Dr. Sharon O'Brien,
Dr. Gareth Jones, Prof. Qun Liu and Prof. Josef van Genabith.


Parsing, Analytics and Information Extraction:

[PhD_CC_1] Tuning Text Analytics to User-Generated Content: Parse
quality estimation and targeted self-training.
[PhD_CC_2] Extracting Events and Opinions from User-Generated Content:
Deep parsing-based methods.

Information Retrieval:

[PhD_SD_1] Self-Managing Information Retrieval Technologies: Query,
search technique and parameter selection in information retrieval
[PhD_SD_2] Indexing and Search for Multimodal (Spoken/Visual) Content:
Locating relevant content in multimodal sources

[PhD_SDCC_1] Application of Text Analytics in Information Retrieval:
Enhancing information retrieval using features from text analysis
[PhD_SDDI_1] Investigating Human-Computer Interaction Issues for
Search and Discovery with Multimodal (spoken/Visual) Content

Machine Translation:

[PhD_TL_1] Syntax- and Semantics-Enhanced Machine Learning Based MT
[PhD_TL_2] Domain Adaptation Based on Multi-Dimensional Quality
Estimation, Similarity Metrics, Clustering and Search
[PhD_TL_3] Human interaction with MT output: Usability, Acceptability,
Post-editing Research

[PhD_TLDI_1] MT and Multimodal Interaction
[PhD_TLSD_1] MT for Multimodal Cross Language Information Retrieval

Ideal candidates for the PhD studentships (except PhD_TL_3 - see
below) should have:

  - excellent computing and mathematical skills
  - strong machine learning and statistical skills
  - strong interest in basic research, applied research and showcasing
research in demonstrator systems
  - willingness to work as a team, but also be able to work on their initiative
  - strong ability in independent and creative thinking
  - strong problem-solving skills
  - excellent communication abilities (including writing and
presentation skills)
  - proficiency in English
  - a background in NLP, Computational Linguistics, Information
Retrieval, Information Extraction or Machine Translation as
appropriate for the relevant position is an advantage

Ideal candidates for the PhD studentship PhD_TL_3 (human interaction
with MT output: Usability, Acceptability, Post-editing Research)
should have:

  - excellent skills in empirical research in translation, technical
communication and/or HCI
  - strong interest in basic research, applied research and showcasing
research in demonstrator systems
  - willingness to work as a team, but also be able to work on own initiative
  - strong ability in independent and creative thinking
  - strong problem-solving skills
  - excellent communication abilities (including writing and
presentation skills)
  - high proficiency in English
  - a background in Translation, NLP, Computational Linguistics, or
Machine Translation is an advantage

PhD positions are fully funded for 3 years. Stipend: Fees + 16,000
p.a. living expenses (tax free)


Parsing, Analytics and Information Extraction:

[PD_CC_1] Extracting Events and Opinions from User-Generated Content:
Parsing-based deep methods (up to 2 year contract)
[PD_CC_2] Extracting Events and Opinions from UGC: Shallow methods,
including unsupervised methods (up to 2.5 year contract)

Machine Translation:

[PD_TL_1] User/Human Centric MT (up to 2.5 year contract)

Ideal candidates for the post-doctoral positions should have:

  - a strong international publication record
  - a background in NLP, Computational Linguistics, Information
Retrieval, Information Extraction or Machine Translation as
appropriate for the position
  - excellent computing and mathematical skills
  - strong machine learning and statistical skills
  - strong interest in basic research, applied research and showcasing
research in demonstrator systems
  - willingness to work as a team, but also be able to work on their
own initiative
  - strong ability for independent and creative thinking
  - strong problem-solving skills
  - excellent communication abilities (including writing and
presentation skills)
  - proficiency in English
  - ability to identify and develop future research and funding initiatives
  - willingness to supervise and assist undergraduate and postgraduate students
  - ability to lead small teams of researchers, in co-operation with
the principal investigator

Indicative starting salary (subject to experience and qualifications):
  37,750 - 42,394 (taxable)

[RProg_CC_1] Research Programmer (up to 2.5 year contract)

Parsing, Analytics and Information Extraction:

Candidates for the researcher programmer position will have:
  - strong computer engineering and design skills
  - excellent knowledge of one or more of the following: Java, C++, PHP, Python
  - comfortable working in both UNIX and Windows environments
  - excellent algorithmic and analytical skills
  - candidates will hold an MSc/PhD in Computer Science/Software Engineering
  - excellent communication abilities
  - willingness to work as part of a team, but also be able to work on
your own initiative
  - experience in Natural Language Processing, Artificial
Intelligence, Information Retrieval, Localisation etc. would be highly
  - experience with research-based software development and/or
cloud-based and grid computing technologies is also highly preferred

Indicative Salary (subject to experience and qualifications):
37,750 - 42,394 (taxable)


For more details please see:

Application forms are available from: Please also send
a CV with two contact points for references. When completing your
application, please indicate which positions you are applying for (in
order of preference) e.g. [PHD_TL_1], [PHD_TL_2]. Completed
application forms should be sent to Dr. Declan Groves

*For informal enquiries please contact the relevant PI below*:

- Dr. Jennifer Foster  (    [PhD_CC_1]
- Prof. Josef van Genabith (
- Dr. Gareth Jones (     [PhD_SD_1],
[PhD_SD_2], [PhD_SDCC_1], [PhD_SDDI_1]
- Prof. Qun Liu (      [PhD_TL_1], [PhD_TL_2],
[PhD_TLDI_1], [PhD_TLSD_1], [PD_TL_1]
- Dr. Sharon O'Brien (    [PhD_TL_3]

samedi 26 janvier 2013

Bourse de thèse en modélisation cognitive et logique

L'Institute for Logic, Language and Computation à Amsterdam ouvre une bourse de doctorat, à partir du 1er avril 2013. Date limite le 15 février.

The Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) currently has a PhD fellowship available, appointment starting on 1 April 2013.
Applications are now invited from excellent candidates wishing to conduct
interdisciplinary research in the Brain & Cognition priority area of UvA.
The successful candidate is expected to write a dissertation in logic, computer science and/or cognitive science, using theoretical tools to model cognitive phenomena. The possible topics include, but are not restricted to, computational cognitive modelling of language, applying logic and complexity in cognitive science, social cognition and modelling working
memory. For more information see:   

vendredi 25 janvier 2013

Pétition: accès libre à Olympes de Gouges

Après 10 ans de tribulation de locaux temporaires en locaux temporaires, l'UFR de Linguistique est en passe de prendre ses quartier dans le bâtiment Olympe de Gouges de l'université Paris Diderot. Las! Au delà du 3e étage, les locaux ne sont accessibles qu'au moyen d'un badge, qui devra être obtenu laborieusement auprès du gardien, chaque fois qu'un étudiant voudra nous rendre visite. Une pétition est en cours pour tenter de changer cet état de choses, contraire à l'idée que l'on se fait d'une université ouverte sur la ville: n'hésitez pas à la signer!étitions/paris7-accès-libre

jeudi 24 janvier 2013

job: postes de chercheurs chez Nuance Lab (silicon valley)

Nuance Lab, entreprise spécialisée dans les technologies vocales (et située dans la Silicon Valley), recherche des chercheurs en sémantique computationnelle. Il faut un doctorat en TAL. Probablement plusieurs postes ouverts.

Nuance ( is the world-wide leader in voice technologies.  We are now making substantial research and development investments to add natural language processing capabilities to our speech infrastructure.   In particular, Nuance has recently developed a research lab in its Silicon Valley office with the goal of developing the next generation of intelligent, conversational agents.  We seek research scientists with the following backgrounds:
  • Dialog processing
  • Discourse and anaphora resolution
  • Parsing
  • Entity recognition
  • Morphology
  • Multilingual NLP
  • Semantic interpretation
  • Multimodal generation

  • Ownership of a major component of the conversational system.
  • Conduct research on the dialog, generation, or reasoning components, and incorporate the latest advances from major conferences in the field.
  • Adapt existing components within Nuance and from previous research in the field to a new problem space and domain.
  • Understand the trade-offs between multiple competing approaches, and choose the ones that are likely to have future impact on the company's products.
  • Design components in a way that will generalize across domains. Minimize the code change and human effort needed for the system to work in a new domain.
  • Collaborate with other scientists and engineers inside and outside of the team.
  • Patent or publish experimental results or designs when appropriate.

  • Ph.D. in computer science, computational linguistics, linguistics, or another technical field with a focus on natural language processing.
  • Solid track record in both projects and publications for natural language processing.
  • Solid implementation skills in C++, Java, scripting languages.
  • Knowledge of both statistical and rule-based methods for natural language processing.
Interested candidates should contact Jennifer Garvale at

mardi 22 janvier 2013

Rendez-vous de l'emploi

Comme chaque année, le ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche organise "Les Rendez-vous de l'Emploi" dans le cadre du salon Rencontres Universités Entreprises en mars 2013 (RUE 2013).

Ces Rendez-vous sont le point de rencontre privilégié entre des candidats à l'embauche, essentiellement de niveau bac+5 à bac+8, et des entreprises. Les candidats optimisent leur recherche d'emploi. Les entreprises peuvent rencontrer leurs futurs collaborateurs parmi un vivier de jeunes diplômés.

Pour s'inscrire >

Lien vers site du MESR

Lien vers page dédiée RDV Emplo
i >

mardi 15 janvier 2013

Job: Offre d'emploi - 6 mois à l'étranger - TALN - langue maternelle FR - parfaite maîtrise de l'anglais - environnement MAC

Une offre urgente qui vient de nous parvenir: c'est en Californie, il faut être disponible 6 mois à plein temps, la date limite de réponse est le 31 janvier.

Language Technologies Engineers for an exciting opportunity based at premises of our Client, Apple, Santa Clara Valley, California.

Area of expertise: IT – localization engineering / software development Position: full time Position start: January-February 2013
Remuneration: attractive
Job Description: We are looking for highly motivated foreign language experts with software development skills. This is an exciting opportunity to join the team responsible for bringing new languages to “Siri”, Apple’s new personal assistant technology for iPhone, as well as other cloud based services. You will be part of a a passionate group dedicated to bringing Apple's products to the world.
This position offers the opportunity to perform software engineering specific to translation and localization of Siri and other Apple cloud based software user interfaces into foreign languages.
The ideal candidate will be able to apply knowledge of relevant natural languages, natural language modeling, software development, and techniques of translation to help deliver leading edge features and functionality for our international customers.
We will consider people with exceptional track records in these areas, and also people who are early in their careers and exhibit strong potential for growth.
Specific responsibilities will include:
  • Bring Siri to more international markets by developing language specific natural language, and work on other cloud based features for the international market.
  • Provide input and suggestions towards innovating new approaches and new product features within Apple's internal localization tools and automation infrastructure.
  • Troubleshooting complex technical problems.
  • Automating and integrating workflow from diverse systems.
  • Work with other teams in Apple software to adopt and integrate their technologies where appropriate, and drive the extension of their technologies where necessary.
Required Experience/Skills:
  • B.A. in Linguistics or Natural Language Processing, or B.S. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related fields.
  • Work with minimal supervision, proactive and self-motivated for timely delivery of quality code.
  • Demonstrated creative and critical thinking capabilities and troubleshooting skills.
  • Proven track record in delivering product-quality code.
  • Engineering experience and interest in diverse technical areas.
  • Clear and compelling communication skills.
Preferred Experience/Skills:
  • Native speaker fluency in one or more commercially important natural languages.
  • iOS or Mac OS X development skills.
  • Engineering experience in areas of classification and information retrieval, natural language processing, and the like.
  • Interest and background in translation, internationalization and localization. 
We are looking for creativity, leadership, and superior technical expertise, and a demonstrated interest in focusing on practical implementations and engineering solutions.
Our Company: LocalEyes Group is a leading provider of Localization Services to the international computer and software sectors, with headquarters in Ireland and subsidiaries in USA and Europe.
Application deadline: 31 January 2013
Please, send your resume and application letter to:

mercredi 9 janvier 2013

Etudier au Québec

Envie d'aller étudier au Québec ? Alors c'est sûrement une bonne idée de profiter de l'invitation suivante :