mardi 28 mai 2013

Bourse de thèse en sémantique computationnelle, Groningue

Un poste de doctorant en sémantique computationnelle, dans un laboratoire très actif dans le domaine. Date limite le 1er juillet (candidature en anglais).

*Job description*

Applications are invited for a PhD candidate in the area of
computational semantics. This position is part of the D-MAP project
currently running at the University of Groningen, aiming to combine
formal with empirical and statistical approaches to semantics. A first
milestone reached by D-MAP was the recently released Groningen Meaning
Bank, a large annotated resource comprising texts annotated with
discourse representation structures.  


- Master's degree in computational linguistics (or related field) 
- excellent record of undergraduate and Master's level study
- experience in the area of semantics or machine learning 
- programming experience 
- ability to work in a research team 
- strong motivation to complete a PhD dissertation in four years 
- good command of English (TOEFL 620, IELTS 7,5, Cambridge Advanced CAE).

*Conditions of employment*

The University of Groningen offers a salary of ¤ 2,083 gross per month
in the first year to ¤ 2,664 gross per month in the fourth year
(figures based on full employment).  The full-time appointment is
temporary for a specified period of four years. The position requires
residence in Groningen, 38 hours/week research and research training,
and must result in a PhD dissertation.  After the first year there
will be an assessment of the candidate's results and the progress of
the project to decide whether the employment will be continued.


The PhD candidate will be affiliated with the computational
linguistics group of the Center for Language and Cognition Groningen
(CLCG) at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Groningen. This
institute embraces all the Linguistics research in the faculty. The
PhD candidate will be enrolled in the research training program of the
Graduate School for the Humanities and will be supervised by Prof
Johan Bos.


You may apply for this position before 1 July 2013 Dutch local time by
means of the application form at:

Please include in your application (in English): 

- a letter of motivation 
- a curriculum vitae 
- a copy of diplomas, a list of grades, and a passport copy 
- the names and contact details of two academic referees 
- a two-page summary of your research topic, including objectives, method, 
  and embedding within the D-MAP project. 

Send us your entire application in PDF format, using the link to the
application form below. Incomplete dossiers will not be taken into
consideration. Interviews with a selection of the most appropriate
candidates will presumably take place in the first two weeks of July.

The starting date of the PhD project is 1 September 2013. 
Acquisition is not appreciated.
Contract type: 48 months

Additional information:

- Prof Johan Bos:
- The Groningen Meaning Bank:

vendredi 24 mai 2013

Ecole doctorale de l'Inalco: dates du concours

Le concours pour les contrats doctoraux de l'école doctorale n°265 ("Langues, Littératures et Sociétés du monde") est officiellement ouvert.

Cette école doctorale, qui est l'école doctorale de l’INALCO, qui rassemble 14 équipes de recherche et forme environ 300 étudiants, et accueille des thèses dans de nombreux domaines, dont la linguistique. 

Plus de détails

[Edit 27/05] On peut ajouter à ce post des informations à propos de l'école doctorale n°268 (Langage et Langues), dont la campagne en vue de l'attribution des contrats doctoraux vient de s'ouvrir.
Plus de détails                                                                                

mercredi 22 mai 2013

VerbCorner: un autre jeu pour collecter des données

Un nouveau jeu (en anglais), pour la collecte de jugements sémantiques (voir  ce post sur les GWAP)

Just to let you know about a fun way to do semantics, and help us out with
verb judgements.
In a collaboration between CU and MIT, we have created a website where we can collect judgments on the semantics of verbs in online games.

I encourage you to visit this site to play some of the VerbCorner games:                       
The site is part of a larger website, Games With Words, developed by one of our MIT collaborators.