samedi 17 mars 2012

Bourse de thèse: acquisition du langage et machine learning

Les étudiants formés en linguistique informatique ont le profil idéal pour cette bourse de thèse, financée par le labex EFL, co-encadrée par Jonathan Ginzburg, UFR d'études anglophones, Université Paris Diderot, et Thierry Nazzi, Université Paris Descartes.

Le doctorant sera accueilli dans le laboratoire de linguistique formelle.
Date limite pour la candidature: 10 avril 2012.

PhD post: Université Paris-Diderot (Paris 7)---language acquisition, dialogue, semantics, machine learning

Applicants are invited for a full time PhD post to work within the 10-year project Laboratory of Excellence (LabEx) "Empirical foundations of linguistics" ( The candidate will work in Strand 4: Language representation and processing in a lifespan perspective.
The successful applicant, will be based at the Laboratoire de Linguistique Formelle (LLF), Université Paris-Diderot. She or he should have qualifications in linguistics, computer science, or psycholinguistics at the Master's level or equivalent.

The thesis, which can be written in English, will involve research within a project developing a model of language acquisition that integrates parent-child interaction as part of the primary data. The empirical basis will be corpus studies of multimodal child-parent interaction. Modelling will involve developing techniques that integrate dialogue modelling and machine learning as the basis for a theory of how grammar emerges at the very early stages of language acquisition. Research will also involve development of grammars for early child utterances and induction algorithms that will allow such grammars to change on the basis of interactions. The applicant will be working in an international interdisciplinary research team.

Applicants will be assessed by committee from the LabEx EFL. The main emphasis of the assessment will be on the applicant's potential for research, as evident from: Master's thesis or equivalent other scholarly works.
Please attach with your application:
  • letter of application
  • CV
  • two names of referees (with email address)
  • web address with publications.
Contact: Jonathan Ginzburg
Contact email:
Duration:36 months starting september 2012
Salary: in accordance with the French state regulated PhD salary scale
Application deadline: 10/04/2012
Application email:
Application reference: EFL-OLA8

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